Tea Drops - Individual Tea Packets


Tea Drops is 100% organic tea, hand pressed and involves no bag!  Simply pour your hot water in your cup, drop your Tea Drop in and allow a few minutes for it to dissolve.  Give a stir and enjoy the goodness.

Tea Drops Matcha Green Tea: organic sugar cane, organic premium Matcha green tea
An earthy, blended greens, creamy and sweet

Tea Drops Chai Spice: organic black assam tea, organic vanilla extract, organic cardamom powder, organic raw cane sugar, organic cinnamon powder, and organic ginger root powder. A bold, adventurous, spicy, delicate and sweet.

Tea Drops Chocolate Earl Grey: creamy, chocolatey, bergamot citrus, sweet. A bold, but sweet tea.

Four Tea Drop individual tea flavors available in:
Chocolate Earl Grey
Matcha Green Tea
Chai Tea
Sweet Peppermint